T he company’s operation begins in 1982. With continuous specialization and renewal of machinery, it has reached its current level. In a privately owned area of 1500 square meters with modern and CNC mechanical equipment, it has the ability to produce high quality wooden products..

The production items are:

  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Special interior and exterior constructions, as well as any construction required in modern buildings (houses – hotels – business premises).

The manufacture of any product is made only upon request. We implement the designs of the individual architect and the wishes of the client in the most qualitative way. The diligence and the craftsmen’s good taste are the special features of our company. One of the main reasons for the manufacture of products is the absolute respect for the realization of the designs of the respective project as well as the respect towards the local architecture in Greece or abroad.

The company manufactures wholesale and retail products.

The production of the factory involves classic constructions, traditional constructions, modern technology ones as well as constructions of French and Venetian style.

The timber used to manufacture the products is carefully selected and of 1st grade quality for any type of wood selected by the customer.

Through these few details, everyone understands how much Techniki Xilou LTD respects the customer and the products that it creates.